Healing Modalities
Energy Healing in Motion
We usually seek help when the pain becomes more than we seem capable of handling.  Pain can be defined by its frequency, intensity and longevity.  When healing is applied one can then determine its effectiveness by charting the pain measurements before and after treatment. As we work together, we can determine how this pain manifested and then work towards the healing process.  SRT is not used to just eliminate our pain but find its root beginnings.

Healing energy can be put into motion in a unique and profound manner.  It does not require you to be physically present. With the divine there are no time or space limitations.  It should be noted that I do not perform the healing.  That takes place on the Spirit level and is performed by the Divine.  As a Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner I am a conduit. 

Healing affects individuals in different ways.  Sometimes it takes time for healing to be fully completed.  There may be feelings of well-being, a changed outlook or a sense of exhilaration.  Other cases may leave you feel a bit exhausted as your body is going through the healing process of removing negative and stagnant energy blocks.  You may notice skin odor or rashes that occur while the body detoxifies.

Emotional release may often accentuate your feelings.  You may feel like you want to dry.  It is OK for you to express your emotions and feelings in a healthy manner.  Be gentle with yourself and drink plenty of water to help eliminate the toxins.  Get plenty of rest to further help restore you into vitality.

All energy work is performed with a pendulum and a set of 30 plus charts.  As I connect to my High-Self and your High-Self I am guided in identifying what healing modalities are best for you.  In a matter of minutes the root of your problem is identified.  Sometimes it is not what you initially think it is.  The proper healing modalities are identified, the energy block is removed and healing can begin.

There are three major healing modalities that are used.  They are:

  • Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)
  • Spiritual Restructuring (SR)
  • Chakra Balancing and Attunement

Spiritual Response Therapy

It is important in many cases to bring into your awareness the exact energies that are taking place.  In some situations contemplation or meditation is required for you to find the answers to that which you are looking for as they will unfold for you.

Through the SRT process energy programs and blocks are released, creativity ruts removed allowing you to fulfill your soul purpose. SRT identifies present life or past life energies that are blocking mental clarity, creating emotional stress, or manifesting physical ailments.

Additional healing techniques used in conjunction with SRT are the Direct Healing and Colors, the Healing Circle, Power Symbol and Healing Patterns.  These work like medicines with a determined daily frequency and time length duration.

Spiritual Restructuring

Spiritual Restructuring was discovered by Robert Detzler, founder of SRT. Spiritual Restructuring identifies areas where Spirit guided him to use Spiritual Restructuring as a companion to SRT. Robert points out, “That Spiritual Restructuring is a dynamically evolving system, designed to specifically to bring together the spiritual and physical aspects in a holistic system.” It is one of the more powerful systems on the planet. 

Spiritual Restructuring corrects muscles and other physical body imbalances and allows emotional stress to be released through guided meditations.    It shows proper food groups to improve digestion and the nutritional needs to restore vitality and remove toxins.

Chakra Balance and Attunement

We are surrounded by an energy field called the aura. The aura encapsulates our physical body and keeps it in place.  Within the aura are the energy wheels called chakras.  Chakras maintain our emotions, mind, physical being and our spiritual connection. When out of balance we may feel exhausted and irritable. Physical ailments may also be present. There are seven chakras. These are:
  • Base or Root - Grounding to earth
  • Sacral - Sexuality and creativity
  • Solar Plexus - Personal power and will
  • Throat - Communication
  • Brow or Third Eye - Intuition
  • Crown - Connection to God

Each of these chakras serves as energy conduits between us and the outside.  The lower three body chakras primarily connect to the earth and govern our survival and nurturing characteristics.  The upper four chakras connect us to the cosmos and reflect our emotions of love, peace, intuition and spiritual connection.

Blocks and imbalances in our chakras can lead to physical problems, diseases, irritability, tumors, exhaustion, etc. Chakras also affect our emotional well being.  Below is a chart showing the affects of chakras being blocked or out of balance.  The following table shows the attitudes that are characteristic when the chakra is out or in balance. 
By using the pendulum I will guide you through the process of restoring connection and balance through energy clearing, affirmations, meditations or crystals or any combination that may be of the greatest good.
Untitled 1 True True 3 (``````````` (``````````` 12 7 3 3255394 1485421 288 883669 883669 2069532 1185863 3255394 1185862 212203 212203 424406 212203 636609 212203 848812 212203 1061015 212203 1273218 212203 1485421 212203 -2


Out of Balance


 Root or Base




 Solar Plexus

Giving Power to Others
High Self Worth
Quality Relationships


Feelings Suppressed
Close Minded
Conditional Love
Loving Expressions
Open Minded
Unconditional Love


Communication Stuffed
Emotions Unspoken

 Brow (Third Eye)

Easily Broken
Lack of Values
Strong Values


Awareness of God